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Forever Knight Spider Webs - A T&V moment in one actBy Erika Wilson "Vachon waited breathlessly, releasing a small exclamation of pleasure..."
Archived Monday, April 4, 2000 with permission and thanks.
"Unexpected Company"By Libby Singleton Tracy recognized the musty, damp smell. Though not her first choice of shelter, at least the cellar protected her from the wind and snow.
Archived Sunday, January 17, 1999 with permission and thanks.
Gift of FleshBy Laplor (with T. Troupe) This looks a lot like the Adult version, I confess...but I still think it's better.
Life Is Fraught With PerilBy Anonymous"A street lamp hit her hair just so, and it was like a volcano suddenly flared up in front of him. Thank you Lady Clairol, he thought with a cruel smirk...."
Archived Tuesday, September 15, 1998 with the author's permission and returning very soon. Thanks!
Halloween: Gift of Flesh  ADULTBy T.F with T.T. "He straightened the collar on the cheap cape he had obtained as camouflage and sauntered on up the street, smiling at the irony."
"...And What Do You Do For Fun?"By Laplor What do you suppose Vachon and Tracy would do on a date?
"You Say . . ."By Cj Sachiko A Tracy and Vachon story based on a song: "The lover's in love, and the other's run away"(Posted with permission...thanks, Cj!)
"Even After You've Gone"By Cj Sachiko A Tracy and Vachon story set after Ashes to Ashes. (Posted with permission...thanks, Cj!)
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