Forever Knight is the story of Nick Knight, a 13th century vampire in search of his humanity. Nick is haunted by his conscience, which will not allow him to forgive himself for all the mortals he has slain in his 800 year existence, and believes that regaining his mortality is the key to redemption. He works as a homicide detective with the Toronto Police Department and now saves human lives instead of taking them.

Nick is aided in his quest to become human again by Dr. Natalie Lambert, a medical examiner. Natalie works tirelessly to develop a "cure" for Nick's vampirism. Nick and Natalie share a special love that they are unable to act upon because of Nick's "condition."

While Natalie provides Nick with hope for a future as a mortal, Nick's master Lacroix and his sister/lover Janette constantly remind him of his ties to the past. Lacroix wants Nick to embrace his vampire nature and will resort to any means necessary to make his dream a reality.

Forever Knight is less a cop or vampire show than it is an exploration of a very difficult father/son relationship. Both Nick and Lacroix are strong-willed individuals. Neither is willing to yield to the other. This relationship, as well as the interplay between the very dynamic characters, has made Forever Knight an engrossing show to watch.

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