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Stories and poems, some with Adult content.
Ranging from original digital photography to a few images that have been repaired using Paint Shop Pro.
The Darkest Corner Webzine
Are you a Science Fiction or Fantasy Fan with a taste for things Dark? Do you favour a dystopic view of the world? Do you love to critique the films you see and the books you read? I'm the assistant editor of this brand new publication, and looking for your input, particularly critiques, essays and viewpoints.
Forever Knight
General background information.
The humans and vampires who make up the Forever Knight universe.
Forever Knight Links
Forever Knight fans are intelligent, creative, compassionate, devoted, and write html.
A portrait of Ben Bass as Javier Vachon.
Forever Knight Fan Fiction Webring
All the best Forever Knight Fan fiction is found on this ring.
Def Leppard
Links to what I feel are the best Def Leppard sites on the web, as well as a direct line to purchase CDs and videos from CDnow. Watch for news about the next album, possibly to be released in 1999.
Forever Knight Fan Fiction Web Ring, The Tripod Goth and Vampire Pod as well as acknowledgements and notes on the design of this page.
Mixed Links
A collection of interesting spots on the internet.

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