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A Personal Web Page is the shorthand way to introduce yourself these days. I created mine with LapLor's help following a suggestion by Susan Garrett. Buy and read Susan's book and then read this one by Anne Nayne.--Vachon

Who actually reads THIS stuff?
Backgrounds, html, and original art 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 20001 by T. Floyd. I am grateful for the many fans before me who have created Forever Knight Web Pages. The screen captures used here have been collected from various locations on the Internet and are used under the principles of fandom solely. They not mine in any way and are not intended for any commercial purpose.
BikeI've had a few, but my here's a page devoted to my new favourite.
MusicI've developed a wide range of tastes in music, and here are some pages devoted to some of my favourites.
GuitarOf course it gets its own page!
FAQThis is certainly flattering.
Church Page Originally created by Bonnie Pardoe, a sometimes ardent Vaquera, and now maintained by a sadistic gnome.
Friends and NeighboursSome 'folks' I know.
Index of Native American Resources on the InternetI'm not a native of this continent, but some of those who are have been very important to me. I still watch out for their interests now and then, although they don't really need me.
BattleshipSometimes, there's just more hours to kill than there are criminals or other snacks.
Who *is* this guy, and why does he look so familiar? The Official Ben Bass Fan Club

Vachon is a fictional character played by Ben Bass and this is a fan page. If any copyright holder or other person with a legal right to the character or images wishes, the site will be removed immediately.