In no particular order
Rockland: The Kim Mitchell Web Site Kim Mitchell and some stuff about Max Webster...who says I'm 'Easy to Tame'? Rita McNeill A lovely lady from Nova Scotia...give her a listen! Corey Hart Much better now that he's out of the box and has taken those sunglasses off.
Loreena McKennitt She'll haunt you. Great Big Sea Online Kitchen Party. The Official Site. GBS are from Newfoundland and they know how to throw a party! Great Big Sea An Unofficial Page with some tabs.
Glamour Puss Blues Band These guys put on a great show and they have a new CD out, launched in New Brunswick. Strawberryland Wild Strawberries at play. WWHappy? unOfficial Jann Arden page.
Gordon Lightfoot! Canadian Folk superstar. Früvous Dot Com The Official site for Moxy Früvous. The Official Tom Cochrane Web Site
Scottish Folksongs Try it, you'll like it. Chris Rea Home Page Great Lyrics and voice. WebRing of the Doors Lots and lots of fan sites.
The Official Quiet Riot Website Randy Rhoades first band. The Day The Music Died - Randy Rhoads Web Page That guy could PLAY! Ozzy And of course, Randy played with Ozzy too.
the unofficial Nine Inch Nails homepage Someday I like them, some days I don't. Unsuccessfully Coping A Type O Negative Fan Site. Bob Welch Discography An underrated performer.
The Penguin Not the official website for Fleetwood Mac. The Unofficial Paul Simon Web Site A fan site, that includes information about Simon & Garfunkle albums too. The Official Doobie Brothers Home Page Fancy site!
The Scorpions Home Page It May All End Tomorrow: A Smiths and Morrissey Website Maybe you have to be in a certain mood... The Official Chris de Burgh Home Page A nice touch...there is a midi that doesn't sound too bad, and the control is easy to find to turn it off.
Meat Loaf Fan Web Site The "Official" Unofficial... The Scorpions Home Page Another 'Unofficial Official' site. There are even a few videos. Led Zeppelin - Electric Magic (
The Ultimate Def Leppard Web Site It isn't the official site, but it oughtta be!
Index Laplor's tribute to my vanity!