One AM

By CousinTee (written in irc)
Editing and HTML by Laplor
Archived with the author's consent.

I wish upon the stars so high
The moon birds flying in the sky
That all the vampires are out tonight
For their nightly gentle bites.
Across the flesh of mortal souls
Their red blood dripping down their throats.
Holding those who die in their arms
Who are without ways to pull alarms.
As parents cry in all their pain
Are their children all the same?
For children know when parents are mad
And all they love are really sad.
For parents cry at their own children.
Children having overbearing parents
To cry out as they chat right now.
To care about something out there now
And if they're off they know, they know
That all that'll happen is just like snow
A slow fall of flakes and rain
It's all the same, again again.
They try to help, they try and try
But rejection is what they get, they cry.
For help is nothing ever more
It's just weakness forever more.

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