A Brief History and Notes on background and Art

Parts of this site were created by LeAnne Lassiter as a 'Dark Knighties' site. She created the Table of Characters and the brief background description of Forever Knight, and has kindly consented to allow them to be used here. Parts of this site were formerly part of the Dark Hearts Site (see the link on my Fiction page). This particular incarnation, including my photography, graphic arts, and a few forays into non Forever Knight writing came into existence about the beginning of June, 1998. I am still learning more about html and website design, so the changes may be quite rapid (if subtle) here for the next while.

A photograph taken with an Epson Photo PC was manipulated in Paint Shop Pro to create the background. The background image and original photos here are copyright 1998 Laplor and may not be used without permission.

Other images were borrowed from Forever Knight sites which may be found in the links list. These images are used for the purpose of promoting the show out of gratitude to, and admiration for the actors, writers, producers and crews who created it. I watched it when I could, and will buy video tapes when the copyright holders are ready to make them available.

Some images have been altered using Paint Shop Pro, either to improve the quality or 'B'cause I can'.

The Forever Knight images and stories on this site are used under the principles of fandom for the purposes of enjoying and promoting the creation of others. The characters in the stories archived here belong to their creators and the stories belong to their authors. I do not claim to have any rights whatsoever to the characters of Forever Knight, or to their images.

If you see anything here that someone else should be credited for, please email me.

The photographs and other work that used to be found here can now be found at my 'serious' site, at the link below.,
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Due to administrative/ownership changes, the Forever Knight Fan Fiction Webring has been discontinued until further notice. For the best in Forever Knight Fanfiction, visit Mel's Forever Knight Fanfiction website at



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