Gift of Flesh

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This is a story with adults and vampires, so be prepared for rather graphic sex which was mostly written by T.T., along with less than "polite" language, and violence. Watch for a PG-13 version, coming soon.

The "neck" belongs to T. F., and may not be "recycled" without permission. Vachon and his "universe" are not ours. The university campus, and the Great Pumpkin Sacrifice are used w/o permission, but will not be harmed (well, the pumpkin is doomed, but *we* won't hurt it!)

I am all destiny, a trade,
A grain of sand.
I am the lesson to be learned.
I take the throat of innocence,
And leave decay.
I stain the way for all to see.

"Gift of Flesh" by Def Leppard (1996)

Vachon stepped back, laughing, allowing a dalmation, a purple dinosaur, and two bloody-faced vampires to scurry past, all clutching plastic shopping bags bursting with booty.

He had always loved Halloween, but it had never meant as much to him as it had in the last few decades. Society had become better at keeping track of most of it's members, so it had become increasingly difficult and risky to indulge his predator's need to hunt and to kill. Halloween was the only night when groups of people were out in disguises, many of them pretending to be as dangerous as he was.

He straightened the collar on the cheap cape he had obtained as camouflage, and sauntered on up the street, smiling at the irony. The tradition of wearing disguises to frighten evil spirits away had grown out of a fear of the lengthening darkness, and of the beings that were believed to inhabit it. It provided him with perfect freedom to be himself. For one night each year, he could display his fangs, and even flash glowing eyes, to a reaction of a startled scream at worst, usually followed by laughter.

He had his own way of enjoying the night to the fullest. He would find an event in some city or other each year that drew costumed people, and then he would "do what came naturally". This year, he'd traveled to Fredericton, a moderate sized city in New Brunswick where two universities shared one campus. He arrived the night before, and holed up for the day in the basement of an empty office building downtown. At sunset he set out to walk up the hill to the campus.

He had come here because one of the residences had a tradition of "sacrificing" a huge, flame-lit pumpkin each Halloween, by throwing it off of their roof after performing a "solemn" ceremony. It was primarily an excuse for young people to gather noisily and enjoy themselves.

He reached the open gates, smiling at all the commotion. This was the kind of population where his apparent youth allowed him to blend in easily.

Since it was a little early for the main festivities he wandered around the campus, listening to a variety of music from open dorm windows. He smiled at passers-by as though he knew them, laughing at their costumes and enjoying himself.

He saw her at a sheltered bus stop, between one of the residences and the Student Union Building, where she was waiting for the downtown bus. On a whim, he decided to follow her.

Instead of a costume, she wore simple black slacks and a white blouse. She clutched several horror and romance novels and a jacket, while holding a paperback open in one hand. Though she appeared to ignore the other people around her, he soon realized that she was actually watching them. She blushed when she discovered that he was looking at her. He smiled, and she quickly poked her nose back into her book.

While she looked down, he studied her more thoroughly. She was probably in her early twenties, though she appeared younger. Her light brown hair was tied back in a pony tail. She was tall--about his height, and her body was pleasant enough, but it had been her plain clothing that had first attracted his attention. Her location in the center of, and yet apart from, so much excitement also intrigued him. She seemed, like him, to enjoy the party atmosphere around them, without actually taking part in it. But her eyes... Her eyes hinted at more passion than she even realized herself.

He suspected that she left her home every day full of the hope that someone would notice her. He wondered if she believed that on this evening she was going to return disappointed once again.

Lonely, passionate, and desperate. He could work with this.

She looked at him again, after they got on the bus. When her eyes met his briefly, and he smiled, she tried to cover her blush by becoming busy with the books she carried in her arms.

She became even more flustered when he winked at her. He wasn't surprised to see that she found him attractive, but he also knew that he looked like the prototype for "the guy your mother warned you about."

She started to look out the window, and he realized that she was going to try to elude him.

The game had begun.

When a busy coffee shop appeared ahead, she reached up for the bell cord to signal the stop. He rang it first, gave her a cheery grin, and said, "We must be neighbours."

"I-I guess so," her voice trembled slightly.

As they waited for the door to open, he stood behind her, almost, but not quite, touching her.

It was no problem to brush against her so that she dropped her books. She smiled as he apologized and helped her pick them up, touching her hands a little longer than necessary. He brushed his hand gently against her breast as he helped her pile the books up in her arms again.

She shivered.

He took a moment to study a lurid cover, before looking up at her, "Anne Rice, hmm? You're a fan?"

She nodded.

He grinned, "Me too." He nodded in the direction of the coffee shop.

"Umm, can I buy you a coffee?" He gave her another of the smiles that always keep them talking.

She agreed, possibly because there was really nowhere else to go.

He established his cover story that he was a student, and poured on the charm. She was very eager to talk about herself. He easily found out that she was far from her family, and lived alone. She had a few days off, so her absence from the residence cafeteria where she worked would not be noticed immediately.

He offered to walk her home.

She smiled as she admitted, "You know I actually don't live in this neighbourhood. I got a little nervous when I realized that you were watching me on the bus, so I decided to get off someplace that there were people around. You didn't 'look' like the nice guy you've turned out to be."

She hesitated, "I don't know. It isn't really too far to walk, but I *should* just get a cab...."

"Look, I'll buy you another coffee, if you'll walk with me. Please."

When all else fails, pleading with sad eyes usually reels them in.

She nodded, smiling, "Okay, it might be hard to get a cab tonight anyway."

Twenty minutes later, they were on the way to her apartment. As they walked, he made sure that he found excuses to touch her casually: A hand on her back, briefly twining his fingers with hers, even touching her cheek to draw her attention to a house especially well decorated for Halloween. She didn't appear to mind, in fact, she seemed to welcome his touch.

Her apartment was in one of those huge, ancient houses turned into a dozen cubby--holes. He laughed at the possibility that she, or her parents, had picked it as a relatively safe place to live in the big, bad city. He had hoped for someplace a little more anonymous, but he was relieved to see that one of the units was apparently hosting a Halloween party. There were plenty of costumed people going in and out, and lots of noise. A "vampire" entering, or leaving later, would hardly be noticed.

He could have safely killed her out in the open on this night, when so many eccentric costumes and even similarly cloaked "vampires" abounded. But to celebrate the season properly, he needed time to savour. Time, and privacy would also allow him the chance to give her something in exchange for her life.

Once inside, it didn't take very long to help her out of her clothes. It only took a few kisses, caresses, and soft whispers to convince her that wearing a blindfold might be fun.

She giggled, a little embarrassed. But she didn't hesitate to walk, naked, to her dresser to get a scarf for him.

She was pliant and willing when she returned to sit on the bed, facing him. She laughed nervously as he put the scarf over her eyes with gentle hands. When the crossed ends gently caressed the back of her skull, he yanked them tight in an abrupt motion, making her gasp.

"How's that?" he purred in her ear, as he finished the knot.

"Uhm, F-fine." She stuttered.

"Good," now he could relax, with less concern about what she might see.

He ran his lips over the tiny buds of her nipples, smiling as she gasped in pleasure, arching her back and pushing her hips toward him. He ran a hand down her belly, ending at the break in her flesh. He paused to twine his fingers in her silky pubic hair before continuing, watching the soft "O" of her mouth as he stroked her. His fingers entered her, and she thrust her hips forward even more, leaning back on her hands for balance.

"Do you like that, querida?" he whispered as he moved his fingers deeper, drawing moans, and gasps of pleasure from her.

"Ohhh...," she sighed. "Yes..."

He paused to remove the rest of his clothing, watching her tilt her head to the side to listen to his motions, using her other senses to feel his presence. He gently pushed her back on the bed and knelt next to her, his hips near her face. She reached up to touch him. Her hands explored his thighs and then ran over his rapidly hardening cock.

He watched himself harden in her grip, his foreskin retracting over the swollen tip of his penis, like a flower beginning to bloom. She tentatively tongued him, swirling over the tender flap of skin as she coaxed him out of his sheath. She only hesitated for a moment before taking him into her mouth. The warmth made him gasp. He loved her eagerness as she grasped his hips and pumped her mouth up and down on his shaft.

His fingers found their way to her opening again, and he turned so that he could drop his head between her legs. //Careful, now, Javier...wouldn't want to alarm the lady with the scrape of fangs.

Gently, he brought his tongue out to tease her, lapping at her clit. He was rewarded with the sound and feel of her sighs against his cock, and her hips thrusting against his face. He moved his fingers deeper, in the same rhythm as his tongue.

She began to shudder, grabbing his hips and forcing him deep into her throat as she whimpered.

Ah, she's close. he quickened his pace across her little bud. Then covered the whole of her cunt with his lips, in preparation to pierce her for the sweetest nectar.

When her walls collapsed against his fingers, he struck. He buried his fangs into her flesh, tasting the blood from her swollen lips as it burst across his tongue. She was so engrossed in her pleasure that she didn't notice the pain.

She was still coming in moans and gasps even as he swallowed the life from her. She continued to suckle him and he felt his peak rising, her lips still drawing hard on him as her orgasm faded and her body weakened.

He vigorously pumped his cock into her, raising his head to strike once more...waiting for the right moment.

Ahh... yes...that...perfect...moment.... His body convulsed and he opened the artery in her thigh as he came. She died slowly, as he continued to fuck her slackening mouth in the final throes of his pleasure, savouring the last of her warm blood.

He dressed quietly. They get cold so quickly he thought, as he expertly broke her neck, then tenderly brushed her hair back, and pulled the blanket up over her body.

"Ah, dulcinea," he whispered, "Was I the lover you longed for? As well as a monster like those you found in your books?" He sighed, "You are a part of me now. Your blood, your memories, your life. I won't forget you, querida." He dropped a tender kiss on her forehead before he strode to the door, his cape swirling around him.

"Happy Halloween."
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