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Some Wild Fires

Formerly titled "Frozen Out"

© July, 1998 Laplor
Thanks to friends for the inspiration.

This is still in search of an ending, so be warned.

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Elaine rushed out of the bar and stood staring at the closed elevator door. She wondered what disaster would have happened if she had returned the pleasant greeting of the man who had sat down beside her in the hotel lounge.

although she was only 30, Elaine was well on her way to respectable spinster-hood. She lived alone in her childhood home, spending her summers travelling around the world and her winters earning a modest income teaching writing and selling freelance travel articles.

Her friends knew that she was shy, and a few may have even wondered if she was a lesbian because she so rarely dated. She tended to flee if a man insisted on speaking with her beyond the basic pleasantries. Sometimes she wondered if she was more afraid that men might harm her, or of what she might do herself.

Her other secret fear was acrophobia. People usually don't notice that she always takes a deep breath and squares her shoulders slightly if she must walk out onto a bridge with a low handrail. Anyone who does notice that she clutches her purse tightly probably assumes that she is worried about theft.

She hides the fact that when her travels take her across a crude bridge made of spaced wooden slats, or too near the edge of a balcony, she feels as though some force is pulling her into the open space. She knows that she should feel perfectly safe, yet she is also certain that if she does not maintain a tight grip, her body will betray her and send her hurtling off into space until she smashes onto whatever surface is below.

These fears, and their intensity, were among Elaine's most carefully guarded secrets.

Sometimes, she rents a room with a balcony and walks boldly out onto the small lip of concrete and steel. She tries to delay the moment of gripping the rail as long as she can. Ironically, she feels like a hero when she looks out over the open space below. Heart racing, and mouth dry, she is exhilarated as she carefully leans to look down, feeling as though she would be drawn into the air if she let go.

After a moment, she retreats into her room, firmly locking the balcony door and closing the drapes, as though to keep something out.

Later that night, Elaine had had enough of her quiet room. She decided to walk to the coffee and donut shop across the street for a cup of hot cocoa before she turned in for the night.

The place was nearly empty but as she took a seat at the end of the long, curved counter she noticed that the staff was bustling around clearing the tables and putting on pots of coffee. They had the look of preparing for something. Elaine had noticed that the hotel lounge had been quite noisy when she left, so she assumed that closing time was approaching.

Soon a mixed crowd of people trickled across the street and into the small dining room. The women behind the counter greeted most of them as old friends, and handed out cups of coffee, hot chocolate, and tea as fast as they could. Elaine watched as they all sat together at the counter and tables around her.

One man in particular caught her attention. He appeared to be in his late thirties, but arrived with a younger man. There was a contrast between the two that she noticed the moment they walked in. One man was tall, dark, and quite frankly, ugly while the younger man, who was smaller and very thin, had an ethereal beauty. They came in near the end of the small stream of people, and sat down beside her in two of the few remaining seats.

The taller man, who introduced himself to her has Mike, seemed protective of his companion, whom he introduced to her simply as, "My friend, Josh."

Mike started talking to Elaine as though she had been among the crowd when they were at the bar while Josh remained quiet, and actually looked more uncomfortable than Elaine when anyone tried to speak to him. Eventually Mike focussed on Elaine while Josh sat alone in the crowd, clinging to his cup of sweet coffee as though it was a life-line.

Mike was so very relaxed that soon Elaine was beginning to enjoy herself.

In a little while, the bartender arrived and the regulars started to leave after resolving a friendly argument that erupted over who would buy her a coffee.

Mike invited Elaine to move to a table in the corner. She didn't comment, though she noticed that he chose the chair with a clear view of his friend.

Their talk consisted of random chatter, flattery, and profound revelation. She was surprised at how relaxed she felt, and rationalized that it was because she was so busy trying to figure out what was going on between the two men.

She told him that she was a freelance writer specializing in articles about travel. When he looked a bit blank, she assured him that she wouldn't expect him to recognize her name, unless he made a serious hobby of analyzing by-lines in airline magazines.

He told her that he was a musician. When she didn't recognize his name he laughed. He shook his head, long, dark hair swinging as he glanced at her conservative skirt and sweater, and said that she didn't look like anyone who would have even heard of his band.

They agreed that the hotel, a part of a modest chain, with its similarity to hundreds of others, felt at least as much like home as their apartments. Frequent travel was the main thing that they had in common though. He admitted that he had a bit of a following, and that sometimes he liked to get away from the fans. She laughed and joked that if she had any fans, she must have managed to stay well out of their sight.

After a while, she realised that she had Mike's complete attention and that he wasn't checking the counter anymore. When she looked up she saw that Josh was gone.

He smiled and took her hand in his, hiding it completely.

"My God, you're enormous!"

He replied with a deep laugh of mock surprise, "No!"

He held his hand up, turning it this way and that, studying it gravely, green eyes twinkling with mischief. Then he took her hand again, holding their entwined hands up together. "Nope. I'm just exactly right, but you sure are tiny."

He held her wrist to his lips, inhaling as he kissed the soft skin there and said, "Hardly a bite, but you smell good."

He looked up from her hand and curved his long fingers around her yaw, "I don't know when I've last seen someone blush as easily as you do. I love it."

"Would you two like a refill?" The waitress had cleared her throat before speaking from a discrete position at Mike's side. She politely ignored the fact that they were now leaning as close together as the one-piece table and chairs permitted.

Elaine realised that they were the last customers and that the staff was cleaning up and preparing for the morning rush. She glanced at her half-filled cup, smiled, and shook her head 'No,' but Mike took out a cigarette and nodded. After he finished the small ritual of lighting his smoke and resting it on the cheap glass ashtray, he dropped his huge hand onto hers. It felt as if it belonged there.

He winked at the waitress as she approached with the coffee pot, and said without removing his hand, "Don't worry, we'll be out of here in just a bit. It must be almost break time."

The waitress smiled and winked back, with a look of relief on her tired face.

After she left, he leaned close to Elaine again, "You don't have to leave me right away though, do you?"

The warm breath that touched her neck sent a thrill through her whole body.

"Mmm no," was all she managed to mumble in reply as she blushed yet again.

They finished their coffee and he stubbed out his cigarette and stood, offering her a hand to help her up. She smiled at his exaggerated gallantry, and just caught herself before she giggled when she placed her hand in his palm. Her hand really did look tiny in his. She had never seen herself as a small woman so she loved the feeling.

He watched the faint trace of colour begin to bloom in her cheeks again. He expected to be noticed, both because of his size and because of the band he was a part of, but she had never heard of him, yet she listened to his every word. She reacted so honestly to what he said and did, rather than who he was, that she intrigued him.

He wrapped a casual arm around her shoulders as they crossed the now quiet street. In the hotel lobby he pulled away for a moment while he dug his room key out of his jeans.

"Damn! I need to drop in on Josh tonight. Is it okay with you if we stop at his room for a quick drink?"

"No problem." She shook her head, admitting to herself that she didn't really care where they went as long as he was willing to leave that long arm wrapped around her as they walked.

In the elevator Mike pushed the button and leaned against the wall. "D'you know I want you all to myself?"

Elaine nodded and pulled away from him slightly to study the numbers on the panel beside the door. She watched him in the mirror and wondered if she would kiss him.

"It's late. I really should get some sleep," she mumbled. She wished she had the courage to reach out to him.

He held out his hand and when she didn't take it, he folded his arms across his chest and dropped his already low voice even deeper, "Are you afraid?"

She shook her head, "No."

She burst through the door as soon as the elevator stopped, running one hand down her skirt and the other through her hair. She imagined his hands on her body, while hers tangled in his hair, pulling him down, drawing him into the kiss that would enflame both his passion and hers. She realised that she was picturing a Fabio cover, and smiled.

"We'll only be a minute. C'mon." He passed her and led the way down the hall, absently tapping a plastic card-key against the walls as he looked at the numbers on the doors.

When he reached the right one, he tapped lightly, waited a moment or two, and then knocked more firmly.

When there was still no answer, Mike cursed under his breath and leaned against the door frame as though he could see into the room through the security viewer. He muttered, almost to himself, "Shit! What's he doing?"

Josh opened the door, while grabbing a fresh shirt from the closet.

Mike was leaning on the door frame and tapping his room key against the casing.

Josh sighed and pulled the shirt on as he walked away

Elaine stood a pace or two behind, beginning to feel quite uncomfortable. This was about more than an invitation for a drink but she couldn't figure out what was going on between the two men.

Mike ran one hand through his hair and strode into the room, with Elaine following. "Took long enough, what was going on in there?"

"I'm sorry if we're intruding," Elaine apologized softly.

"Busy?" Mike added, tapping his key against the desk and looking around the room.

"I was."

"Well, we came up for that drink. How 'bout it?"

"Sorry, but it's warm," Josh warned, indicating a bottle of wine and a six-pack of beer with a shrug before he turned to tug at the tangled covers on the bed.

"No problem. I think there's an ice machine somewhere." Mike was still leaning against the desk, watching Josh's attempts to tame the bedspread. "Sure you weren't busy in here?"

"It's at the end of the hall," Elaine said.

Both men looked at her.

"The ice machine is. At least if this floor is like mine…" she trailed off, pulling her own room key out of her pocket, and once again trying to think of an excuse to leave.

The bathroom door opened and they turned to see a woman wearing a man's shirt and, apparently, nothing else.

"Hi. Mike? Wow!" she paused in the doorway.

"Ah." Mike looked relieved and continued to lean against the desk, until Josh glared at him and gave him a shove.

"Hey, aren't you going to introduce us?" Mike smirked.

Josh handed Elaine the ice bucket, and she obediently turned toward the door.

Excited female laughter tinkled behind them as they closed the door and paused in the hallway.

"I don't remember him saying anything about a drink earlier. What was that all about?"

" I confess. You caught me. It was an excuse to check up on him, but it looks like he's okay." He looked at the door and frowned, "At least for now. Let's go get that ice."

The low, bin-style ice machine huddled next to a couple of vending machines in an alcove at the end of the hall. The air conditioner built into the wall under the window rumbled loudly, yet the area was still uncomfortably warm. The fluorescent lights were glaringly bright, and the air was heavy with the persistent hum of the electric motors.

Mike was leaning against the wide ledge under the window watching her when she straightened after scooping ice into the bucket. She closed the machine.

"I guess we should go back?"

"Not just yet," he was holding out his hand, "I want to touch you."

This time she took his hand, still amazed at how tiny hers looked.

He pulled her close as though they were going to dance an old fashioned waltz. The whole length of her body was pressed against his and he rested his chin on her head for a moment before tilting her chin up to kiss her gently.

Her heart was pounding, and she hoped that he wouldn't feel the moistness of her palms through his light shirt as she returned his kiss. She was not a virgin but her meagre experience had led her to conclude that sex was over-rated and hardly worth the bother. At first she was stiff with worry that she would disappoint him, but as his mouth continued to explore hers, she relaxed and allowed her body to soften against his. He was all angles and firmness, and she had thought that she would feel uncomfortably awkward but she realised that their bodies fit together in a beautiful symmetry.

In a moment, he raised his head, and looked toward the hall.

"You do need to go back, don't you?"


He didn't seem to be in any hurry to let her go so she pulled away from him.

"I am still a bit worried about him," Mike said as he took her hand and started for Josh's room.

Elaine leaned into him when he put his arm around her shoulders and played with her hair as they walked back to Josh's room. She realised that she was no longer as afraid as she had thought she would be.

Mike tried to turn the knob, but the door was locked. He raised a fist to knock just as there was the sound of a crash in the room beyond the door. Mike frowned, resting his knuckles on the wood. When the sound of two laughing voices rang out he smiled and winked at Elaine, "From the sound of that, I doubt they're gonna let us back in right away."

He turned away. "We'll just skip it and go up to my room."

"Oh shit!" Mike stopped and searched the pockets of his jeans, then looked at the door. "Fuck! I must have put my key down on the desk!"

Elaine checked her own pockets, "Oh no! I left mine in there, too. I dropped it when he handed this to me," she lifted the ice bucket slightly.

"Well, I guess we're stuck out here till they finish and let us in."

"Well, one of us could go down to the desk and get another room key."

He shook his head, taking her hand to lead her back down the hall, "Naw, I have a better idea."

She let him lead her along the corridor. They returned to the alcove, where he took the small bucket from her and set it on top of the ice machine.

"Are you really sure that you aren't afraid?"

He folded her in his arms and kissed her, exploring her mouth while running his hands down her back to below the bottom of her skirt. His mouth tasted of scotch, coffee, and cigarettes.

"I'm not afraid."

Her heart was pounding as he slid his hands up the back of her thighs, pulling her soft knit skirt up to the waistband of her panties. When she didn't protest, he pulled them down, tucking them into his shirt pocket after he helped her step out of them.

He returned to kissing and caressing her, his lips leaving hers just long enough for him to take one last look along the corridor. He looked down at her with mischievous eyes, "Do you trust me?"

"Uhm, yeah." She had barely a second to wonder what he was planning, before he lifted her up to the top of the ice machine. In one smooth motion he lifted her skirt to her waist, while pushing her back until she leaned on her elbows. He ducked under her thighs and put his warm, open mouth over her then, flattening his tongue, he found her clitoris. He sucked and nibbled gently for a moment before forcing two fingers inside her. She gasped.

He looked up just in time to see her close her eyes.

"Shh!" he hissed, before briefly increasing the pressure of his lips and tongue. Then he lifted his head so that he could see her reaction better, as he moved his fingers slowly inside her, gently exploring her body. She bit her lip, trying not to moan aloud. He moved his fingers a bit deeper, and brought his thumb to her clit, until she was barely able to contain her sounds of pleasure.

He moved around to her side, standing in front of the ice machine and pulling her close to him. He increased the pressure against her clit once more as he locked his eyes with hers and tangled his free hand in her hair, his palm almost covering her head.

"You okay?"

He removed his fingers and she moaned aloud, in spite of her best efforts to keep quiet. He grinned, and tightened his grip in her hair.

"Quiet!" he hissed against her mouth, capturing her lips in a bruising kiss.

He reached out for the ice bucket, and grabbed a few ice cubes. Using the palm of his hand, he pressed them against her the warm flesh between her legs, at the same time he forced his tongue into her mouth to muffle her cry of surprise. He held her firmly as she tried to squirm away from the sudden, intense cold. It took only a few more thrusts of his fingers before she was shaking and making wordless noises against his mouth.

As soon as her tremors began to fade, he gently lifted her down to the floor.

He chuckled softly as she stood shakily, trying to catch her breath. Then he pulled her against him while backing toward the window ledge. He sat and lifted her onto his lap.

She made herself comfortable with her knees resting on the window ledge next to his hips.

Checking the hallway once more, he slid his hands up her sides, raising her sweater. He released the catch nestled between her breasts and pushed her bra out of the way, bending to capture a nipple gently between his teeth. One hand was under her shirt, encouraging her to arch her back slightly, giving him easier access.

She sighed in pleasure and he shifted, whispering softly against her skin, "You know what I want?"

"Mmmm. What?"

"I want you to suck me."


"Well, now," he laughed, "and here seems like a pretty good place."

She slid to the floor at his feet as he stood and opened the button and zipper of his jeans.

Then he leaned back against the window-ledge, putting both of his hands on the back of her head to pull her closer.

She used one hand to ease his jeans open a bit farther while she gently cupped his scrotum with the other. Slowly, she worked her lips and tongue from the base to the head, gently allowing her teeth to drag over his flesh.

She looked up at him, licked her lips, and smiled, "Am I on the right track?" She drew his cock into her mouth, running her tongue around the head. Then, covering her teeth with her lips, she gently bit down...

"Fuck! That feels good." He inhaled as he watched her inch further down, still gently cupping his balls. "Yeah," he groaned.

By the time her lips reached the base, he was biting his lip and braced his hands on the ledge behind him, arching toward her.

Mike tensed and tangled both of his hand in Elaine's hair just as she heard footsteps and, flustered, tried to rise.

He tightened his grip and whispered, "No it's okay. Please don't stop." One hand gently stroked her cheek, while the other cupped the back of her head, firmly holding her in place.

"Ohhhh..." he sighed.

"Ooops!!" a male voice laughed, "Having a good night, are ya, Mike? I think I'll go up to the next floor." The footsteps retreated down the hall.

The instant he was gone, Mike released his grip on Elaine, "Come on up here darlin' and fuck me, before the whole crew shows up, or we give some elderly insomniac a heart attack."

He pulled her to her feet, then he sat back on the window ledge, easily lifting her up so that her knees rested on the ledge, with one thigh on either side of his hips. One hand was at her waist, supporting her, and the other cupped her chin, pulling her close for another kiss.

She leaned toward him while fumbling with the buttons on his shirt. When she managed to release them, she ran her hands up the sides of his broad chest, until she was caressing his nipples gently with her fingertips. He brought one hand between them, under her skirt, to gently tease and explore. She moaned softly, lifting her body slightly to give him better access.

She pushed his shirt down over his shoulders and down his back, until his arms were trapped behind him. He started to ease his shirt off the rest of the way, but she reached behind him to catch hold of it.

She whispered against his shoulder, "No. It's your turn to sit back and enjoy."

She began to move, gently at first. Enjoying the feel of his belly and chest against her skin. Then she leaned back a little, bracing herself against his chest while she varied the angle and depth of her movements until she found the combination that was just right, then she settled into a slow, grinding rhythm.

He watched, fascinated, as she used his body for her own pleasure. She alternated between grinding her clit against his pubic bone, and lifting herself almost off of him. She played with the hair on his chest, then traced his collarbone with her lips.

She closed her eyes, to better concentrate. Her abdomen began to tighten as she buried him deep inside her body. He groaned as she clamped the muscles of her pelvic floor around him.

"Jesus! That's gonna make me come..."

"Shhhhh!" she warned, grinning, as she felt his orgasm begin. Then she tilted her pelvis and moaned, gripping his shoulders as her muscles contracted around him.

He shrugged one arm out of his shirt and caught her just in time to prevent her from falling. He held her to his chest until her trembling eased, then he kissed her.

"You alright?" he laughed

"Mmmm...yeah, I think so..." she blushed.

"Off you get then..."

As she raised off of his body, she slid her feet to the floor, and he stood up.

Mike muttered as he zipped his jeans. "I'd better get my key and get us into a room."

He grabbed the ice bucket, and headed off down the hall toward Josh's room, leaving her to finish straightening her sweater and skirt.

She sat on the window-ledge for a moment, looking out at the street lights below as she caught her breath. She heard Mike knock at the door, and could faintly hear his voice and Josh's. When she heard the door close, she started down the hall to meet him. He was smiling, displaying his key in one hand, and hers in the other.

"Right this way, Ma'am"

To Be Continued....

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