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Nick Knight
Played by Geraint Wyn Davies. Nick is a vampire with a conscience. After nearly eight centuries, he has grown tired of killing and is trying to regain his humanity. He works as a homicide detective, using his vampiric powers to catch criminals and save lives. Nick's fans call themselves Knighties or Dark Knighties. Nicholas de Brabant will take you back to the full cast
Lucien LaCroix
Do you dare to follow LaCroix back to the characters list? Played by Nigel Bennet. LaCroix was brought across by his daughter Divia in 79 A.D. when the Roman city of Pompeii was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Lacroix is a "vampire's vampire." Unlike Nick, he is not bothered by conscience and joyously embraces his nature. He is Nick's sire and has made it his life's work to sway Nick back into the darkness. Lacroix's fans call themselves Cousins.
Janette DuCharme
Played by Deborah Duchene. Janette lured Nick into Lacroix's clutches in 1228. Lacroix brought her across during the 11th century. Nick and Janette have shared a very close relationship, having lived as man and wife for nearly a century. As a mortal, she survived through prostitution; as a vampire, she was most recently the proprietor of the Raven, a nightclub that catered to vampires and vampire-wannabes. Janette bears the distinction of regaining her humanity and of having two masters: first Lacroix, then Nick. Her fans call themselves Ravens or Ravenettes.
Javier Vachon:
Played by Ben Bass. Vachon was brought across in 1531 by a mysterious vampire who called herself Angel and who walked into the sunlight the morning after. He spent the next four centuries running from the obligations Angel placed on him and was pursued by his vampire brother, known only as "the Inca." Their conflict ended with "the Inca's" death in the third season episode "Black Buddha II." Vachon's fans call themselves Vaqueros.
Played by Kristin Lehman. Urs was added to the cast during the third season and was seen in only a few episodes. She was brought across by Vachon during the nineteenth century and was murdered by Divia in the episode "Ashes to Ashes." Urs' fans call themselves Urchins. 366
Played by Greg Kramer. Screed is another third season cast member. Screed is a carouche, a lower form of vampire who survives on the blood of animals rather than that of humans. Screed was killed in the episode "Fever" by an unusual virus that only infected vampires. His fans call themselves the Ratpack.
"The Inka"
Vachon's "Twin" brothers was played by Damon D'Oliviera.
The somewhat mysterious fourth member of Vachon's "Crew".
Vachon's Angel
Joanna Bacalso played the mysterious new world vampire who charged Vachon and the Inka to cherish life.
Played by Kathryn Long. Divia was LaCroix's mortal daughter and immortal "parent". Big evil in a small package! Divia's fans call themselves DiviantS
Dr. Natalie Lambert:
Played by Catherine Disher. Natalie, or Nat, is a medical examiner with the Toronto Coroner's Office. She is the only mortal around Nick who knows his secret and has been working diligently to find a cure for his vampirism. Her feelings for Nick run much deeper than friendship, and his seem to do the same. Natalie's fans call themselves the NatPack.
Det. Don Schanke:
Played by John Kapelos. Schanke was Nick's partner during the first two seasons. Nick never allowed his partner to know what he really was, though in the episode "Close Call," Schanke does see Nick all "vamped out," and Lacroix must convince him that it was all a figment of his very tired imagination. He was killed in the episode "Black Buddha" when the airplane he was aboard was blown up. Schanke's fans call themselves Friends of Don
Det. Tracy Vetter:
Played by Lisa Ryder. Tracy was added to the show's roster during the third season. She replaced Schanke as Nick's partner. Though she did not know that Nick was a vampire, she knew that Vachon was. She and Vachon shared a very strong attraction for each other, one which neither could ever act upon. She was fatally wounded in the final episode of the series "Last Knight." Tracy's fans call themselves Perkulators.
Cpt. Amanda Cohen:
Played by Natsuko Ohama. Cohen became Nick and Schanke's captain when they transferred to the 96th Precinct during the second season. She was aboard the same ill-fated airplane as Schanke in "Black Buddha."
Cpt. Joseph Stonetree:
Played by Gary Farmer. Stonetree was responsible for the unlikely pairing of Nick and Schanke during the first season. He may (or may not) have been wise to what Nick really was.
Cpt. Joe Reese:
260 Played by Blu Mankuma. Reese replaced Cohen as the captain of the 96th after her death. His greatest claim to fame is his inability to get a drink from the office water cooler.

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